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Horror,Action,Science Fiction  United Kingdom  2024

Casts: Amelie Leroy,Chrissie Wunna,Darrell Griggs,Connor Powles,Dorothea Jones

As the group of colleagues, comprising scientists, adventurers, and survival specialists, find themselves stranded on the mysterious island after a plane crash, they soon realize they are facing more than just the challenges of survival. The island, known as the Jurassic Triangle, holds a dark secret - it's a convergence point in time, where various prehistoric eras collide.

As they explore the dense jungle and uncharted territories of the island, they come across an astonishing variety of dinosaurs, including the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, swift Velociraptors, and massive herbivores like Triceratops. These creatures have somehow managed to survive in this isolated ecosystem, free from human intervention for centuries.

The colleagues must unite and utilize their unique skills to navigate through this treacherous environment, constantly on the run from both the relentless dinosaurs and a sinister group of mercenaries who got stranded on the island years ago. These mercenaries are vicious and have become the apex predators of this land, using their survival instincts, advanced weaponry, and knowledge of the terrain to hunt the group relentlessly.

In addition to facing external threats, tensions rise among the colleagues as they grapple with the psychological toll of being trapped on an island where escape seems impossible. They must confront their fears, clashes in beliefs, and personal demons, ultimately learning to trust and rely on each other if they hope to survive against the odds.

Throughout their journey, they uncover hints about the island's origins and its connection to a secret government experiment. They find remnants of an ancient civilization and encounter strange phenomena, suggesting that the island possesses extraordinary powers that disrupt the natural laws of time and space.

With their lives in constant jeopardy, the group realizes that in order to escape this nightmarish island, they must solve the mysteries of the Jurassic Triangle. They embark on a quest to find a hidden portal or mechanism that could open a time rift back to their own era, wary of the risks it may pose.

In a grand final confrontation, the group faces off against the mercenaries, who have become increasingly desperate and ruthless in their quest for survival. With determination, resourcefulness, and sacrifice, the colleagues manage to overcome these bloodthirsty foes and activate the portal, giving them a narrow window of opportunity to escape.

However, the island isn't done with them yet. As they make their way through the portal, the prehistoric creatures, too, manage to breach the time rift and into their world, leaving the colleagues to face a whole new set of challenges back home.

"Jurassic Triangle" is an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat adventure that combines survival instincts, scientific curiosity, and the need for human connection in an unforgiving world. It explores themes of resilience, teamwork, and the unfathomable power of nature, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting a sequel where the colleagues now must confront the consequences of their actions in the face of the escaped prehistoric creatures.

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