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Dark Ambitions: Embracing the Shadows

Thriller  United States of America 

Olivia's grief over the loss of her friend consumes her, causing her to isolate herself from her classmates and family. Her panic attacks become more frequent and intense, leading her to seek help from a therapist who suggests she channel her emotions into something productive.

Desperate for a sense of control in her life, Olivia turns to social media as a way to vent her frustrations and anger. As she gains followers and starts to catch the attention of her peers, she becomes more and more obsessed with the validation she receives from her online persona.

However, as Olivia's social media presence grows, so does the backlash against her. Her attacks on those she sees as obstacles to her success lead to real-life consequences, resulting in strained relationships with friends and family.

As Olivia's behavior becomes more erratic and dangerous, she is forced to confront the darker side of herself that she has been suppressing. With the help of her therapist and the support of those who truly care for her, Olivia must come to terms with her grief and find a healthier way to cope with her emotions before it's too late.


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