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Stealth Unleashed: The Ultimate Espionage Showdown

Drama  United States of America 

Apologies, but the synopsis provided does not match the movie "It Felt Like Love." The mentioned description seems to be for the movie "I Spy" starring Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson.

"It Felt Like Love" is an independent coming-of-age drama film directed by Eliza Hittman. The story follows a young girl named Lila, who is a fourteen-year-old living in Brooklyn. She becomes infatuated with a more experienced and older boy named Sammy.

Lila, yearning to explore her own sexuality and desperate to feel mature, wants to enter a sexual relationship with Sammy. However, Sammy does not reciprocate her feelings and instead sees her as a young and naive girl. Lila's obsession with Sammy intensifies, leading her to embark on a risky and emotionally turbulent journey of self-discovery.

Throughout the film, "It Felt Like Love" delves into themes of desire, vulnerability, and the complexities of teenage infatuation. The narrative focuses on Lila's struggle to navigate her budding sexuality and the profound impact it has on her sense of self and relationships.

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