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Doll Hunt: Unleashing Santana's Wrath

Horror  United Kingdom 

As the influencers arrive on the Island of the Dolls, they are initially excited by the eerie atmosphere and the opportunity to document their experiences for their followers. However, they soon discover that the legends and rumors surrounding the island hold true. The dolls that cover the island's landscape come alive and seem to move on their own, their lifeless eyes watching their every move.

Unbeknownst to them, Santana, the malevolent spirit trapped within one of the dolls, has been awakened by their presence. Santana possesses a supernatural power that allows her to control the other dolls, turning them into terrifying minions. She becomes fixated on finding the perfect human host and begins hunting down the influencers one by one.

As the island becomes a deadly maze, the influencers must band together to survive. The group quickly realizes that Santana is not the only threat they face. They encounter other malevolent spirits trapped within the dolls, each with their own dark agenda. These spirits are jealous of Santana's power and seek to dethrone her, leading to infighting and chaos among the dolls.

The influencers must navigate through the island, carefully avoiding the dolls and their paranormal abilities. They uncover clues left behind by previous visitors, revealing the tragic stories of those who have fallen victim to the dolls. The group becomes determined to put an end to the curse that plagues the island, freeing the spirits trapped within the dolls.

As they continue their journey, alliances shift, betrayals occur, and secrets are revealed. Some influencers are marked as potential hosts by Santana, while others discover unexpected ties to the island's past. Amidst the chaos, they uncover a hidden chamber deep within the island, which holds the key to breaking the curse.

With time running out and Santana growing stronger, the influencers must summon the courage to confront the malevolent spirit head-on. They must find a way to outsmart her and restore peace to the Island of the Dolls, while also ensuring their own survival. In a climactic battle, the influencers face off against Santana and her army of possessed dolls, culminating in a supernatural showdown that will determine the ultimate fate of the island and its inhabitants.

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