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Comedy,Drama  Slovakia  2023

Casts: Majk Spirit,Denisa Juhos,Daniel Fischer,Tadeáš Bolo,Vladimír Zboroň

Laco, a grumpy and skilled handyman, discovers himself caught in a dangerous situation when a group of ruthless mobsters targets him. Unfortunately, he loses everything he holds dear - his home, his livelihood, and even his ability to walk due to a brutal attack orchestrated by the mobsters.

Wheelchair-bound and feeling hopeless, Laco's life takes a dark turn as he wallows in despair and anger. However, fate brings Gabo, a kind-hearted local Roma, into Laco's life. Despite initial clashes between their contrasting personalities, Gabo becomes determined to help Laco regain his sense of purpose and see life with a fresh perspective.

Gabo encourages Laco to channel his anger and frustration towards seeking justice and, ultimately, revenge against the mobsters who destroyed his life. Together, they embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind the attack, gathering information, forming unlikely alliances, and embracing Laco's handyman skills to overcome various obstacles along the way.

As their investigation unfolds, Laco and Gabo uncover a web of corruption and secrets within the mob underworld, discovering that the mobsters responsible for Laco's misery are just a small piece of a larger criminal empire. With every lead they follow, Laco's thirst for revenge grows stronger, fueled by his desire to reclaim his lost life and make the mobsters pay for their actions.

Alongside their pursuit of justice, Laco and Gabo form a deep bond and learn valuable life lessons from each other. Gabo's Roma heritage and his spiritual beliefs teach Laco about forgiveness, love, and the power of embracing one's circumstances. Through his newfound friendship and the support of the Roma community, Laco begins to heal emotionally, finding strength and determination where there was once despair.

The climax of the movie sees Laco and Gabo facing off against the mobsters, employing their combined wit, resourcefulness, and the skills Laco has regained. Their pursuit of revenge is not only an attempt to set things right in their own lives but also to protect the community from further harm. The confrontations are intense, leading to a final, satisfying showdown where Laco's revenge is ultimately fulfilled.

In the end, Laco regains control over his life, finding closure and a renewed sense of purpose. While revenge may have been his initial motivation, he discovers that true justice lies in embracing forgiveness and understanding. The film concludes with Laco and Gabo accepting their pasts, cherishing the lessons learned, and stepping into a brighter future, forever bound by their profound friendship.

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