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Horror,Mystery,Thriller  United States of America  2024

Casts: Veronica Falcón,Taegen Burns,Isaiah Evans,Tom Payne,DeWanda Wise

As Alice's attachment to Chauncey grows, she becomes more withdrawn and secretive, spending most of her time in the basement with the bear. Jessica notices this change in Alice's behavior and becomes increasingly worried about her well-being.

One day, Jessica decides to confront Alice about her obsession with the bear. She gently tries to find out why Alice is so attached to Chauncey and what games they play together. But Alice becomes defensive, insisting that Chauncey is her only friend and that they are just playing harmless games.

Unconvinced, Jessica decides to investigate further. She starts researching the history of the house and discovers a dark secret. Years ago, a young boy named Charlie lived in the house and mysteriously disappeared. Jessica suspects that Chauncey might be connected to Charlie's disappearance.

With her suspicions heightened, Jessica decides to seek help from a paranormal expert, Dr. Elizabeth Hartley. Dr. Hartley believes that Chauncey could be a conduit for a malevolent spirit that has attached itself to Alice. Jessica and Dr. Hartley delve deeper into the house's history, uncovering a ritual that was performed in the basement many years ago, potentially awakening dark forces.

As Alice's behavior becomes increasingly alarming, the presence of the malevolent entity becomes undeniable. Strange occurrences happen throughout the house, and Jessica and Dr. Hartley race against time to unravel the mystery and save Alice from the clutches of the malevolent spirit.

During their investigation, Jessica comes face to face with the spirit that has possessed Chauncey. The spirit reveals that it wants to possess Alice's body to seek revenge for a past injustice. The entity refuses to rest until justice is served.

In a last-ditch effort, Jessica, with Dr. Hartley's guidance, must perform a risky and dangerous ritual to banish the spirit and free Alice from its grip. They gather the necessary tools and enter the basement, where they come face to face with the apparition.

After a fierce battle with the spirit, Jessica manages to perform the ritual successfully, banishing the malevolent entity back to where it came from. Alice is saved, and the house is finally free from the haunting presence.

The movie ends with Jessica, Alice, and the rest of their family moving on from the traumatic experience, forever changed by their encounter with the supernatural. However, they find solace in the fact that they faced their fears and managed to overcome them, bringing them closer together as a family.

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