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Vengeance: A Father's Pursuit for Justice

Drama,Crime,Mystery  China 

Hovering Blade follows the story of Jake, a devoted single father, who is left devastated after his teenage daughter is brutally raped and murdered by a group of violent youths. Consumed by grief and anger, Jake becomes determined to seek vengeance against those responsible for his daughter's death.

As he delves deeper into the investigation, Jake discovers that the police are unable to bring the perpetrators to justice due to lack of evidence. Frustrated and desperate, he takes matters into his own hands and embarks on a relentless pursuit to track down the culprits.

However, his quest for retribution soon turns into a deadly cat-and-mouse game as he becomes entangled with both the perpetrators and the police. Jake's relentless pursuit for justice puts him at odds with the law, and he soon finds himself in a dangerous game of survival as he navigates through a web of deception and betrayal.

Hovering Blade explores the themes of loss, grief, and the lengths a parent would go to seek justice for their child. The movie delves into the complexities of the justice system and the moral ambiguity of seeking revenge, as Jake's actions have far-reaching consequences for both himself and those around him.

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