Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 Movie Streaming Service

Guns, Glory, and the American Divide: A Civil War Saga

Western,Drama  United States of America 

Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 follows the intertwined stories of several characters as they navigate the tumultuous years of the Civil War. The film begins in the small town of Redwood, where we meet the McBride family, farmers who are torn apart by the conflict. Patriarch John McBride enlists in the Union army, leaving his wife Mary and their children to struggle to keep the farm running in his absence.

As John fights on the front lines, he befriends a fellow soldier, Joseph Walker, a former slave who has joined the Union forces in hopes of securing his freedom. Together, they endure the horrors of war and form a bond that transcends race and social status.

Meanwhile, in the Confederate South, we follow the story of the Thompson family, plantation owners who are forced to confront the realities of the war as it encroaches upon their way of life. As their son, James, enlists to fight for the Confederacy, his sister Sarah begins to question the morality of the institution of slavery and her family's role in perpetuating it.

As the war rages on, the characters in Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 are forced to confront their deepest fears, prejudices, and loyalties. Through their struggles and triumphs, they come to understand the true cost of freedom and the sacrifices required to build a more just and united nation.

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