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Becoming Irresistible: A High School Love Lesson

Romance,Comedy  Japan 

As Haruna and You start spending more time together, they develop a close friendship and Haruna begins to see You in a different light. Despite their agreement, Haruna finds herself falling for You, complicating their relationship.

Meanwhile, Haruna's softball team faces challenges as they prepare for an important tournament. Haruna must balance her newfound feelings for You with her dedication to the sport she loves.

As the tournament approaches, tensions rise between Haruna and You as they struggle to navigate their evolving relationship. Can Haruna find a way to be true to herself and follow her heart, or will she sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of their agreement?

High School Debut is a heartwarming story about friendship, love, and self-discovery, as Haruna and You navigate the ups and downs of high school life together.

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