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Jo's Cross-Country Journey to Find Her Father

Adventure  N/A 

As Jo and Selma journey across the country, they face various challenges and obstacles, including evading the police who are searching for them. Along the way, they encounter different characters who help them or hinder them in their quest to find Jo's father.

As they get closer to Los Angeles, Jo starts to doubt whether her father will really be the hero she's always imagined him to be. She struggles with the idea of confronting him about abandoning her and her mother years ago.

Throughout their journey, Jo and Selma's bond grows stronger as they support each other through difficult situations. Selma, who has always been a loyal and protective friend to Jo, becomes like a sister to her.

When they finally reach Los Angeles, Jo is faced with the reality of her father's life and the disappointment of their meeting. She must come to terms with her feelings of abandonment and learn to forgive in order to move forward and create a new future for herself.

The film ultimately explores themes of family, friendship, resilience, and the power of forgiveness as Jo and Selma navigate their way through the challenges of life on the road.


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