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Baked and Buried: The Ultimate Joint Quest

Comedy  United States of America 

When JR and his friends find themselves mourning the loss of their best friend due to an unexpected accident caused by the most potent joint in the world, they are determined to give him the send-off he deserves. However, they soon realize that they don't have the funds to give their friend a proper burial.

Desperate to raise money, JR and his buddies embark on a wild and comedic adventure through their city, encountering a variety of eccentric characters and hilarious situations along the way. They come up with a plan to sell their remaining supply of high-quality marijuana, but their inexperience and comedic missteps make their efforts more difficult than they anticipated.

As they navigate through the world of drug dealers, stoners, and unexpected twists, the group faces numerous obstacles that test their friendship and their ability to stay out of trouble. They even find themselves involved in a high-stakes cannabis competition, where they must prove their worth and sell their product to a demanding group of weed connoisseurs.

Throughout their journey, JR and his friends learn valuable life lessons about loyalty, friendship, and the importance of living life to the fullest. Along the way, they encounter a love interest for JR, adding a romantic subplot that further complicates their mission.

Eventually, after facing numerous comedic hurdles and with the help of some unexpected allies, they manage to raise enough money for their friend's burial. The film ends with a heartfelt and poignant funeral scene, where JR and his friends bid their final goodbye to their fallen comrade, all while celebrating his life and the memories they shared.

Half Baked: Totally High is both a hilarious and touching sequel that not only explores the world of marijuana culture but also highlights the power of friendship and the importance of honoring those we love.

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