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Lost in Love at the Museum

Drama,Romance  Argentina 

Goyo is a young museum guide who is on the autism spectrum. He thrives on routine and structure in his life, finding comfort in the predictability of his daily tasks and interactions. Goyo is highly knowledgeable about the history and art within the museum where he works, and he takes great pride in sharing his expertise with visitors.

One day, a new coworker named Elena joins the museum staff. Elena is warm, outgoing, and effortlessly charismatic - everything Goyo is not. Despite their differences, Goyo is immediately drawn to Elena's friendly nature and genuine interest in him. As they spend more time together, Goyo finds himself developing feelings for Elena that he has never experienced before.

Being in love with Elena forces Goyo to confront a whirlwind of new and intense emotions that he struggles to understand and navigate. His rigid routine begins to unravel as he grapples with the complexities of romantic relationships and the challenges of expressing his feelings to someone he cares deeply about.

As Goyo tries to navigate this unfamiliar territory, he is confronted with unforeseen obstacles and personal growth opportunities that ultimately help him to break free from the confines of his routine and embrace the unpredictability of love. Through his journey, Goyo learns valuable lessons about the power of vulnerability, empathy, and connection, changing him in ways he never thought possible.

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