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Documentary  United States of America  2024

Casts: Maddie Rowan,Faith Glasgow,Brooke Taylor,Emily Worthmore,Tochi Ihekona

In the documentary movie "Girls State," the viewer follows a group of teenage girls from diverse backgrounds in Missouri as they participate in an immersive experiment to construct a government. The film aims to showcase American democracy through the lens of these young female leaders.

The story unfolds as the girls attend the Girls State program, a week-long summer program organized by the American Legion Auxiliary. The program aims to educate high school girls about the democratic system by allowing them to build a fully functional government from scratch.

As the girls arrive, they are randomly divided into two political parties, the Federalists and the Nationalists. They are then tasked with electing party leaders, creating parties' platforms, and ultimately campaigning to win the election for various positions in the government.

The documentary follows some notable characters throughout their journey in this incisive political landscape. Among them is one determined and charismatic young lady who aspires to be the first female governor in her state's history. Another girl, who initially expresses skepticism towards the program, undergoes a transformation as she immerses herself in the democratic process.

Throughout the film, the girls face numerous challenges as they attempt to implement their visions for a government that represents their ideas and values. They must navigate party politics, campaign strategies, and compromises while facing deep divisions within their own groups. The documentary captures the girls' struggles, negotiations, and the importance of unity in the face of discord.

As the election progresses, tensions rise, and the candidates face both triumphs and disappointments. The movie highlights the bittersweet experiences of these young leaders as they grapple with the ideals of democracy, representation, and the personal sacrifices required for public service.

Ultimately, "Girls State" dives deep into the complexities of American democracy and provides an intimate look at the passion, determination, and resilience of teenage girls as they engage in the political process and strive to make their voices heard.

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