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Lost in Love and Danger.

Thriller  United States of America 

As the couple, Sarah and Mark, set sail on their open-ocean journey, tensions between them reach a boiling point. Sarah is eager to explore the mysterious deserted island they come across, hoping it will bring excitement back into their relationship. However, Mark is adamantly against it, fearing the unknown dangers that may lie ahead.

Despite Mark's objections, Sarah convinces him to anchor the boat near the island for a brief exploration. As they venture onto the island, they discover eerie remnants of a long-abandoned settlement and a sense of foreboding grows stronger. Mark's fears are confirmed when the couple comes across strange markings on the trees and hears unsettling sounds in the distance.

Feeling overwhelmed by the eerie atmosphere, Mark insists they return to the safety of their boat. However, Sarah is determined to uncover the island's secrets and pushes forward, sparking a heated argument between them. In the midst of their escalating conflict, a sudden storm hits, leaving them stranded on the island with no way to return to their boat.

As they struggle to survive in the harsh wilderness, Sarah and Mark are forced to confront their deep-seated issues and reevaluate their relationship. With their lives on the line, they must find a way to set aside their differences and work together to overcome the challenges they face on the island. In the end, they must make a choice that will determine not only their survival but also the future of their marriage.

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