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Unveiling Loveland's Elusive Frogman: A Cryptid Quest

Horror  United States of America 

- The amateur filmmaker, named Alex, grew up in Loveland and has always been fascinated by the local urban legend of Frogman. According to the legend, a mysterious half-human, half-frog creature lurks near the river at night.
- Alex, now in his late twenties, wants to make a documentary about the legend and hopes that capturing tangible evidence of Frogman will kickstart his filmmaking career.
- Alex recruits his childhood friends, Max and Lily, both skeptics about the legend, to join him on this adventure. Max is the tech-savvy member of the group, while Lily is the adventurous and fearless one.
- The group begins their investigation by interviewing locals who claim to have encountered Frogman. Some recount terrifying encounters with the creature, while others dismiss it as a mere myth.
- They also research local historical records, folklore, and even talk to retired law enforcement officers who have mentioned glimpses of the creature in past incidents.
- Determined to capture undeniable evidence, the group sets up surveillance equipment near the river and spends several consecutive nights monitoring the area, hoping to get a glimpse of the elusive Frogman.
- As their investigation progresses, strange occurrences start happening around them. They hear eerie sounds, see mysterious footprints near the riverbank, and even witness weird, frog-like movements in their peripheral vision.
- Their skepticism begins to fade as they encounter more and more unexplainable phenomena. Lily, being the most skeptical initially, becomes increasingly obsessed with finding the truth and protecting her friends from potential danger.
- As they get closer to capturing irrefutable proof, tensions rise among the group. Some members want to continue, while others fear the consequences of revealing the existence of Frogman to the world.
- In a climactic sequence, the group finally captures a compelling video of Frogman lurking near the river. However, their celebration is short-lived when they realize they are being pursued by an unknown entity, potentially angered by their discovery.
- The group must now protect themselves while trying to share their evidence with the world. They face challenges from skeptics, local authorities, and even unknown forces that do not want the truth to be exposed.
- Ultimately, they must make a decision on whether to prioritize their safety or the truth, leading to a thrilling and unexpected conclusion that will forever change their lives.

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