Folk Hero & Funny Guy Movie full online

Comedy and Folk Rock Tour

Comedy  United States of America 

As the friends, Paul and Jason, embark on their tour, they encounter various obstacles and challenges along the way. Paul, the comedian, finds himself struggling with his material and feeling disconnected from his audience. Meanwhile, Jason, the folk-rocker, is dealing with his own personal issues, including a recent breakup and creative block.

Throughout their journey, the two friends navigate their friendship and careers while also trying to find love. Paul becomes infatuated with a fellow comedian they meet on the road, while Jason reconnects with an old flame who joins them on tour.

As the tour progresses, Paul and Jason's bond is tested as they both strive to find their place in the world of entertainment. Through their ups and downs, they ultimately come to realize the importance of staying true to themselves and following their own paths, both personally and professionally.

Folk Hero & Funny Guy is a heartfelt and comedic exploration of friendship, creativity, and self-discovery set against the backdrop of the modern music and comedy scenes.


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