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Romance,Drama  Canada,United States of America  2024

Casts: Robbie Amell,Rukiya Bernard,Michelle Krusiec,Sarah Desjardins,Andrea Bang

As Waverly settles into the quaint Canadian town, she finds herself captivated by its charm, friendly locals, and the picturesque beauty of the surrounding nature. She also becomes acquainted with Blake's tight-knit group of friends, who warmly welcome her into their fold.

As Blake begins teaching Waverly to swim, their relationship gradually evolves beyond that of student and teacher. They spend countless hours together in the serene lakes, forming a deep emotional connection. Waverly discovers her hidden passion for swimming and a newfound sense of freedom. Conversely, Blake starts to question his own dreams and aspirations, wondering if they align with what truly makes him happy.

However, their blossoming romance faces obstacles along the way. Waverly's ambitious drive to become a doctor resurfaces, causing her to question whether she should stay in the small town or pursue her original plan instead. Meanwhile, Blake grapples with the fear of holding Waverly back from her dreams and potentially losing her.

Misunderstandings and conflicts arise as Waverly's parents express disapproval of her deviating from her carefully planned trajectory. They urge her to return to Taipei, reminding her of the sacrifices made for her education and future. As Waverly navigates these conflicting pressures, she must confront her own desires and evaluate what truly matters to her.

In Float, the captivating cinematography captures the breathtaking landscapes and the intimate moments shared between Waverly and Blake. The film also explores themes of self-discovery, the pursuit of happiness, and the courage to embrace unexpected love and allows the audience to reflect on the importance of following their hearts even in the face of uncertainty.

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