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Drama  Italy  2023

Casts: Enrico Roccaforte,Antonio De Matteo,Giuditta Vasile,Roberto Salemi,Anita Pomario

In the movie "Fireworks," Gianni, a shy and handsome teenager working as a car mechanic, faces continuous harassment from the macho townsmen due to his perceived homosexuality. He also deals with a difficult family life. Gianni's self-esteem gradually diminishes as he becomes more isolated.

However, Gianni's life takes a turn when he meets Nino, a curly-haired boy with a contagious smile. The two teenagers develop a deep connection and fall in love. Their budding relationship brings them both happiness and a sense of belonging.

Soon enough, the disapproval from their families and neighbors surfaces, creating moral conflicts and tensions within the town. Gianni and Nino find themselves at odds with society, as they challenge the prevailing expectations and biases.

Given the opposition and pressure they face, the boys make the courageous decision to stand up for their relationship. Their determination to fight against prejudice and protect their love fuels the climax of the movie.

"Fireworks" not only portrays the joys and challenges of young love in a conservative Sicilian town but also explores themes of discrimination, the importance of acceptance, and the resilience of the human spirit.

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