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Horror  United States of America  2024

Casts: Keana Bastidas,Andre Anthony,Gage Marsh,Camren Bicondova,Sylvia Soska

As Ash and her friends arrive at the festival to pay tribute to the anniversary of the original zombie attack, they are filled with excitement and anticipation. Little do they know that their weekend of fun will turn into a battle for survival.

The festival is set in a small town that was once ravaged by the zombie apocalypse. It is a celebration of their resilience and a way to remember the lives lost. The town is transformed into a post-apocalyptic party zone, with haunted houses, live music, and thrilling attractions.

Night falls, and the atmosphere becomes eerie as mist rolls in from the nearby woods. Unbeknownst to the festival-goers, a group of deranged cultists, seeking revenge for the previous generation's victory over the undead, perform a ritual to resurrect the dead. Their plan goes awry, leading to a surge of zombies awakening from their graves.

As the undead horde begins its relentless attack, chaos ensues. Panicked screams mix with the sound of gunfire and the roaring of zombie growls. Ash and her friends find themselves trapped within the festival grounds, surrounded by hordes of flesh-hungry zombies.

Realizing they must fight back to survive, they arm themselves with makeshift weapons found within the festival. They team up with some other survivors, forming a small group determined to barricade themselves and find a way to escape.

The remainder of the movie depicts intense and gory battles as the group fights their way through the town's streets, stores, and even the abandoned amusement park adjacent to the festival grounds. They face numerous challenges, including finding limited supplies, rescuing fellow attendees, and making difficult choices when confronted with impossible odds.

Amongst the chaos, friendships are tested, sacrifices are made, and secrets from the past are revealed. Ash, a natural leader, rises to the occasion, facing her fears head-on and using her resourcefulness and quick thinking to outsmart the undead.

The group discovers that the cultists are not only responsible for this outbreak but also have sinister plans to eradicate the entire town. As the survivors race against time, they must uncover the cultists' true motives while battling hordes of zombies at every turn.

In the climactic final act, after losing some of their comrades and enduring unimaginable horrors, the remaining survivors confront the cult leader and engage in an epic battle to stop the impending apocalypse once and for all. Ash's determination and survival skills are showcased as she faces off against the cultist leader in a brutal showdown.

Ultimately, the survivors succeed in stopping the cultists and restoring peace to the town. However, they are forever changed by the ordeal, realizing that the zombie threat is not entirely over, and they must always be prepared for future outbreaks. The movie ends with a bittersweet victory as Ash and her friends reflect on the horrors they experienced during the Festival of the Living Dead.

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