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Drama,Thriller  United Kingdom  2023

Casts: Peter Clements,Peter McPherson,Nathan Stewart-Jarrett,John McCrea,Ryan Walker-Edwards

After Jules discovers his assailant in the gay sauna, he becomes consumed with both fear and anger, but also a desire for justice. Determined to make his attacker pay for the trauma inflicted upon him, Jules meticulously plans his revenge.

As part of his plan, Jules reaches out to a former friend, Nico, who is a skilled hacker. He asks Nico to dig deeper into the life of the assailant, wanting to understand their background and motivations better. Nico reluctantly agrees, torn between supporting Jules and fearing the consequences of their actions.

Meanwhile, Jules starts attending therapy sessions to help cope with his trauma. Through therapy, he begins to explore the deeper effects of his attack, realizing that revenge might not bring him the closure he truly seeks. Jules also starts reconnecting with his chosen family, a group of fellow drag artists who provide support and reminders of his own strength.

As the investigation unfolds, Jules discovers shocking information about his assailant's past. This revelation pushes him further into a moral dilemma. Should he continue seeking revenge or should he strive for forgiveness and compassion? Jules starts questioning what would truly bring him healing and closure.

Along his journey, Jules also forms a new connection with Alex, a kind-hearted journalist who is writing an article about the LGBTQ+ community and their struggles with hate crimes. Alex's curiosity about Jules' story grows into genuine care and empathy, creating a safe space for Jules to share his experiences and doubts.

As Jules confronts his assailant, a complex and emotional exchange takes place. Instead of going down the path of violence, Jules chooses to confront his attacker with compassion and understanding, revealing the true extent of the harm caused by hate and ignorance. This unexpected approach leads to a surprising turn of events that allows justice to be served, not just for Jules but for the broader LGBTQ+ community.

"Femme" ultimately explores themes of trauma, healing, and the power of empathy and forgiveness. By navigating the complexities of revenge and choosing a path of compassion, Jules not only reclaims his agency but also inspires others to confront hate with love and understanding.

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