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Escape from the Iron Curtain

Drama  France,Germany,Romania,Taiwan 

Sure! In the movie Familiar, Dragos Binder, the protagonist, is a successful filmmaker who is struggling to come up with a new project. As he delves into researching his parents' experiences of fleeing communist Romania in the 1980s, he begins to uncover deep family secrets and unresolved trauma. Dragos becomes increasingly obsessed with the idea of turning his parents' story into a fictional film, but as he delves deeper into the project, he begins to confront his own demons and reevaluate his understanding of his family's history. As he navigates the complexities of his own identity and cultural heritage, Dragos must come to terms with the impact of his family's past on his present and his own sense of belonging. The film explores themes of intergenerational trauma, personal identity, and the power of storytelling to shape our understanding of the past.

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