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Fairway Friends

Comedy,Drama  United States of America 

In Dream Round, the golfer, named Owen, is struggling with his game and personal life when he meets the sprightly girl, named Tessa, who offers him advice and encouragement. Tessa’s infectious energy and love for the game reignites Owen’s passion for golf and helps him improve his skills on the course.

Meanwhile, Owen also forms a bond with the down-on-her-luck waitress, named Charlotte, who works at the country club where he plays. Charlotte is dealing with her own personal struggles, including financial hardship and a strained relationship with her family. As Owen gets to know Charlotte, he learns about her past and the challenges she faces, leading him to offer his support and friendship.

As Owen continues to improve his game with Tessa’s help and navigates his relationships with both Tessa and Charlotte, he begins to see positive changes in his life and outlook. The three characters ultimately come together to support each other in their respective journeys, leading to a heartwarming and uplifting ending for all involved.

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