As Dr. Cheon and In-bae enter Yoo-kyung's house, they are immediately met with a chilling atmosphere and eerie presence of ghosts. Yoo-kyung, desperate for help, reveals that her family has been haunted for generations due to a cursed talisman called 'Seolkyung', which was passed down through her bloodline.

Dr. Cheon, initially skeptical, begins to witness firsthand the terrifying manifestations of the talisman's power. As he delves deeper into the history of 'Seolkyung', he uncovers a dark past involving betrayal, revenge, and a vengeful spirit seeking justice.

With Yoo-kyung's guidance and In-bae's unwavering support, Dr. Cheon embarks on a dangerous journey to break the curse of 'Seolkyung' and put the restless spirits to rest. Along the way, they encounter malevolent entities and face their greatest fears, forcing Dr. Cheon to confront his own beliefs about the supernatural.

As the mysteries unravel and the stakes are raised, Dr. Cheon realizes that his role as a protector goes beyond just performing fake exorcisms - he must embrace his true abilities and face the darkness head-on to save Yoo-kyung and her family from the grip of 'Seolkyung'.

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