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Thriller  United States of America  2022

Casts: Jilon VanOver,Jon Proudstar,Tony Denison,Sarah Lin Mitchell,Eddie Spears

In the movie Deep Woods, the story revolves around Tom Bennett, a skilled architect who decides to take a break from his busy city life and embarks on a grouse hunting trip in the remote wilderness. Along with his friends, Tom sets off on a trail, overwhelmingly excited about the adventure that lies ahead.

However, their playful excursion takes a treacherous turn when Tom accidentally strays away from the marked path and stumbles upon a clandestine drug operation run by a ruthless cartel deep within the woods. Hidden amidst the dense foliage, Tom unknowingly becomes a witness to their illegal activities, seeing more than he should and placing his life in imminent danger.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Tom desperately tries to navigate his way back to safety, but soon discovers that the cartel members have noticed his presence and have set out to eliminate any potential threat to their operation. With their lives at stake, Tom's survival instincts kick in as he desperately evades pursuit while attempting to gather evidence to expose the cartel's illicit activities.

Facing numerous life-threatening obstacles, Tom unexpectedly crosses paths with Sarah, a resourceful and fearless wilderness guide who has dedicated her life to helping people in need. Together, they form an unlikely alliance, combining their respective skills to elude the relentless pursuit of the cartel's ruthless enforcers.

As they delve deeper into the treacherous wilderness, Tom and Sarah uncover shocking secrets about the cartel, realizing that their operations extend far beyond drug trafficking. The cartel's influence reaches high-ranking officials and law enforcement agencies, making it clear that exposing them will not only save their own lives but also protect countless innocent individuals from becoming victims of this powerful criminal organization.

With time against them, Tom and Sarah race against all odds, using their wits and survival skills to outsmart the cartel and ensure justice is served. However, as the duo gets closer to uncovering the truth, they become entangled in a web of deceit and betrayal, where nothing is as it seems, and their lives become increasingly intertwined with the twisted world of the drug cartel.

In their ultimate battle for survival, Tom and Sarah must not only outwit the ruthless cartel but also find a way to expose their criminal operation to the world, bringing justice and redemption to those affected by their illicit activities. As they navigate the daunting deep woods, they realize that sometimes the hunter can become the hunted, and their only chance of survival lies in their determination, resilience, and sheer will to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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