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Confronting Karen: Unpacking White Privilege and Biases

Documentary  United States of America 

Deconstructing Karen follows the journey of the two women of color, Alex and Maya, as they organize and host the Race2Dinner events across the country. As they travel to different cities, they encounter a range of reactions from the white women who attend, from defensiveness and denial to introspection and a willingness to listen and learn.

The film delves into the backstories of Alex and Maya, exploring their own experiences with racism and discrimination, and their decision to take on the difficult and emotionally taxing task of confronting white women about their role in upholding white supremacy.

As the events unfold, the film also follows the personal struggles and triumphs of the white women who attend the dinners, showcasing the transformative power of open dialogue and confronting uncomfortable truths. Some attendees grapple with their own privilege and biases, while others resist and push back against the uncomfortable truths being presented to them.

Through intimate conversations and candid moments at the dinner table, Deconstructing Karen ultimately serves as a thought-provoking and unflinching exploration of race, privilege, and the potential for empathy and understanding across racial lines.

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