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The Curse of Metal Madness

Horror,Music  United States of America 

The death metal band, known as "Soul Devourer," is comprised of four members, each with their own unique struggles and aspirations. They are determined to make a name for themselves in the underground music scene by creating the most extreme and intense music possible.

After discovering an ancient manuscript that details the creation of a piece of music rumored to drive listeners to madness, the band becomes obsessed with the idea of recording it. Despite warnings from friends and family, they decide to go through with it, believing it to be a mere myth.

As they begin the recording process, strange and unexplained events start to occur. Each of the band members begins to experience terrifying hallucinations and inexplicable bursts of rage. It becomes clear that the curse of the mythical music has been unleashed, and the band is now trapped in a battle for their sanity and lives.

As the curse takes hold, the band's relationships are tested, and they must confront their personal demons in order to survive. Tensions rise, and trust wanes as they struggle to find a way to reverse the curse before it consumes them completely.

In a race against time, the band must face their darkest fears and confront the malevolent force that has been unleashed, all the while battling the music's unyielding hold on their minds. Will they be able to overcome the curse, or will they be consumed by the madness it has brought upon them?

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