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Drama  Germany,France  2023

Casts: Katharina Stark,Luna Jordan,Wiebke Puls,Astrid Polak,Mina Martinschledde

As Ira, Malin, Ka, and Zoe embark on their road trip across Italy, they find themselves longing for adventure and a break from their structured lives. Each character carries their own baggage and hopes to discover something about themselves during the journey.

One day, while driving through the picturesque Italian countryside, they stumble upon an abandoned village. Intrigued by the mysterious atmosphere, they decide to explore further. With each step they take, the girls uncover disturbing secrets about the village's dark past. They encounter eerie remnants of the village's once-thriving community, including abandoned homes, forgotten relics, and chilling symbols.

As they delve deeper into the village's history, their sense of curiosity turns into a dangerous obsession. They become fixated on finding out what happened to the villagers and become determined to solve the puzzle that lies before them.

Their newfound freedom allows the girls to venture into uncharted territories, both literally and metaphorically. With no one to answer to, they experiment with their boundaries, pushing the limits of their own comfort zones. They engage in reckless behaviors, explore their sexuality, and confront their deepest fears.

Along the way, they encounter enigmatic characters who seem to hold the key to the village's secrets. Some are willing to help, while others attempt to dissuade them from digging any deeper. The girls must navigate this web of conflicting information and alliances while trying to maintain their friendships amidst the mounting tension.

As they come closer to uncovering the truth, they realize that what they have stumbled upon is far more sinister than they initially imagined. The village holds a dark secret that involves a long-standing curse, a series of unexplained disappearances, and a chilling ritual known as the "dead girls dancing."

Haunted by disturbing visions and eerie occurrences, the girls must confront the ghosts of the past while also facing the consequences of their own choices. They quickly discover that their freedom has come at a grave cost, as they find themselves entangled in a dangerous game of survival.

In a race against time, the girls must make difficult decisions, test the strength of their bond, and find a way to escape the clutches of the cursed village. In their quest for answers, they will confront their own inner demons, ultimately coming to terms with the consequences of their actions.

Dead Girls Dancing is a thrilling coming-of-age story that explores the depths of friendship, the complexities of personal identity, and the consequences of seeking freedom in the face of danger.

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