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Hunted: Redemption in the Wild West

Western,Thriller  Canada,United States of America 

As Max and Alonzo track down Mrs. Kidd, they find themselves being followed and hunted by a group of dangerous outlaws led by Joe Cribbens. Max must use all of his skills and experience as a bounty hunter to outwit his enemies and protect Mrs. Kidd.

As they journey deeper into Mexico, Max starts to question his own motivations and the morality of his profession. He begins to see Mrs. Kidd as more than just a pawn in a game of greed and power, but as a woman in need of help and protection.

The tension between Max and Joe Cribbens escalates as they come face to face, leading to a final showdown that will test Max's limits and force him to confront his own demons. In the end, Max must make a choice that will not only determine the outcome of their mission, but also define who he is as a man and a bounty hunter.

Dead for a Dollar is a thrilling western drama that explores themes of redemption, honor, and the complexity of human relationships. It is a story of sacrifice and courage in the face of danger, and the enduring power of loyalty and friendship.


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