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Quake Crisis: Trapped Power, Sinister Plot!

Action,Thriller,TV Movie,Horror  United States of America 

As the Army Corp works tirelessly to rescue the President, tensions rise as it becomes apparent that the earthquake was not a natural disaster, but a planned attack orchestrated by a group of terrorists. The group, led by a cunning mastermind, has infiltrated the city and is using the chaos and destruction caused by the earthquake to further their own agenda.

As the rescue operation continues, it becomes a race against time not only to save the President but also to stop the terrorists from carrying out their sinister plan. With the city in chaos and communication networks down, it is up to a small group of dedicated individuals within the Army Corp to piece together the clues and thwart the terrorists before it's too late.

Meanwhile, tensions escalate within the government as politicians and military officials grapple with the fallout of the attack and the implications it has for national security. As the true extent of the terrorists' plan is revealed, it becomes clear that the fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

DC Down is a pulse-pounding thriller that combines high-stakes action with political intrigue, as the characters must navigate a treacherous landscape of deception and danger to save not only the President but the entire country from a catastrophic threat.

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