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Blizzard Beast: Survival in the Rockies

Thriller,Horror  Canada,United Kingdom 

As the blizzard rages on, David Petersen finds himself trapped in his car, deep within the ravine. With limited supplies and no cell phone reception, he must utilize his survival skills and resourcefulness to endure the relentless cold and find a way to escape.

As David desperately searches for a way out, he comes across an old abandoned cabin hidden in the snow-covered woods. Seeking shelter, he cautiously enters the cabin, unaware of the danger that awaits him inside. Inside, he discovers remnants of the previous occupants, suggesting a sinister past and raising more questions about his current circumstances.

David soon realizes that he is not alone. Unbeknownst to him, a terrifying creature, driven by an insatiable hunger and the instinct to survive, is lurking in the blizzard outside and patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. As the beast circles the cabin, it becomes clear to David that he is not only fighting against the elements but also a terrifying predator.

With each passing moment, the situation grows more treacherous. David must rely on his wits and resilience to evade the creature's attacks while also uncovering the truth behind its existence. As he delves deeper into the mystery, he uncovers a dark secret that ties the creature to the cabin and its former inhabitants.

With survival as his only goal, David must confront both the physical and psychological challenges that the creature and the blizzard present. He must use his knowledge of the Rockies, his determination, and newfound inner strength to outsmart the beast and find a way back to civilization before it's too late.

Amidst frigid temperatures, isolation, and the constant hunt by the creature, David's true character and survival instincts are put to the ultimate test. Cold Meat becomes a gripping tale of human perseverance, adapting to unforgiving circumstances, and overcoming the monstrous power of nature itself.

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