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Action,Comedy,Drama  Japan  2024

Casts: Masanobu Ando,Isao Hashizume,Moemi Katayama,Takaya Sakoda,Yasushi Ami

In the movie City Hunter, Ryo Saeba is a skilled marksman and legendary private investigator known for his womanizing ways. After his partner and mentor, Hideyuki Makimura, is killed while on a mission, Ryo becomes determined to find out the truth behind his death.

Ryo's investigation leads him to a mysterious woman named Kaori, who is Hideyuki's younger sister. Kaori is a highly skilled martial artist and has inherited Ryo's late partner's detective agency. Initially, Ryo is hesitant to team up with Kaori, as he prefers to work alone and fears that his womanizing ways might put her in danger.

Despite their differences, Ryo and Kaori form an unlikely alliance and start digging deeper into Hideyuki's death. Their investigation takes them into the dangerous world of high-level politics, corporate corruption, and international arms dealing. Ryo's witty charm and exceptional marksmanship, along with Kaori's formidable fighting skills, make them a formidable duo as they navigate through perilous situations and uncover shocking secrets.

As they get closer to the truth, Ryo finds himself more than just a reluctant partner to Kaori. Their bond grows stronger, and Ryo starts to realize the importance of working together and protecting the ones he cares about. Along the way, their adventures are packed with thrilling action sequences, comedic moments, and a touch of romance.

In the end, Ryo and Kaori not only uncover the truth about Hideyuki's death but also discover a larger conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of power. They must use all their skills and resourcefulness to bring the culprits to justice and ensure that their late partner's sacrifice was not in vain.

City Hunter is a thrilling action-comedy that combines gunfights, martial arts, humor, and romance. It showcases Ryo Saeba's transformation from a playboy with exceptional talents to a dedicated detective who fights for justice alongside his newfound partner, Kaori Makimura.

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