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The Legend of Christy Ring

Documentary  Ireland 

The documentary delves into the extraordinary career of Christy Ring, an iconic figure in Irish sports history. It explores his early life in Cloyne, County Cork, his rise to fame as a hurling prodigy, and his legendary success on the field as a player for the Cork senior hurling team.

Viewers will learn about Ring's unparalleled skill as a hurler, his unrivaled ability to read the game, and his fierce determination to win. The documentary also delves into Ring's personal life, including his relationships with family, friends, and teammates, as well as his struggles and triumphs both on and off the field.

Through interviews with former teammates, rivals, historians, and family members, "Christy Ring - Man & Ball" paints a vivid portrait of a true sporting legend and explores the impact he had on the world of hurling and Irish culture as a whole. The film celebrates Ring's legacy as one of the greatest sportsmen Ireland has ever known, and sheds light on the man behind the legend.

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