Chloe's Pocketbook Diary

Crime,Thriller  N/A 

Chloe is the youngest sibling in a notorious crime family, but she has always felt like an outsider looking in. When she turns 18, she decides she wants to be a part of the family business and prove her worth.

Her older brother, the ruthless leader of the family, is initially hesitant to involve Chloe in their illegal activities. However, Chloe is determined and eager to prove herself, so he reluctantly gives her a chance to prove herself.

As Chloe delves deeper into the seedy underbelly of their criminal world, she quickly learns that the family business is not just about making money – it's about power, control, and loyalty. She becomes entangled in a dangerous web of sex, drugs, and murder, unsure of who she can trust.

As Chloe navigates the treacherous world of crime, she must make difficult choices that could have deadly consequences. Will she be able to survive the dark and twisted world of her family's business, or will she become just another casualty in their bloody legacy?

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