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A Mother's Promise: The Chicken Quest

Animation,Comedy,Family  France,Italy 

After realizing she cannot find a chicken at any of the closed shops, Paulette decides to take matters into her own hands and attempts to catch a chicken herself. This leads to a series of comedic mishaps as she chases chickens around the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Linda, feeling guilty about the fight she had with her mother, decides to go out and find a chicken herself. Along the way, she meets a group of quirky characters who help her on her quest.

As the day goes on, Paulette and Linda both face various challenges and obstacles in their pursuit of the elusive chicken. Through their separate adventures, they learn valuable lessons about forgiveness, understanding, and the importance of family.

Ultimately, both mother and daughter come to realize that their bond is stronger than any mistake, and they find a way to reconcile and share a heartwarming meal together. The movie ends with the two of them laughing and enjoying their chicken with peppers, surrounded by their newfound friends from the neighborhood.

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