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A King's Legacy: Crown Stolen

Documentary  South Africa 

Cecil: The Legacy of a King is a documentary film that follows the story of Cecil the lion, a beloved and iconic animal in Zimbabwe. The film delves into the events surrounding Cecil's death at the hands of American dentist Walter Palmer, who paid a hefty sum to hunt and kill the lion.

As the news of Cecil's death spreads, it sparks international outrage and brings attention to the issue of trophy hunting. The film explores the impact of Cecil's death on his pride, particularly on his cubs and the dynamics within the pride.

Through interviews with conservationists, wildlife experts, and activists, Cecil: The Legacy of a King examines the larger implications of trophy hunting and its effects on wildlife populations and ecosystems. The film also delves into the efforts to protect and preserve lions and other endangered species in Africa.

Ultimately, Cecil: The Legacy of a King is a powerful and thought-provoking look at the complex issues surrounding wildlife conservation and the struggle to protect these majestic creatures from the threats they face.

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