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Island of Vengeance and Beauty

Mystery,Drama,Thriller  Japan 

As the young man, named Jake, arrives back on the island, he quickly realizes that things have changed since he left. The reform school has been shut down and the guard he seeks revenge against is nowhere to be found. Feeling lost and unsure of what to do next, Jake wanders around the island and comes across the mysterious young woman, named Lily.

Lily is unlike anyone Jake has ever met before. She is ethereal and enchanting, with a sadness in her eyes that intrigues him. As the two spend more time together, Jake begins to open up to Lily about his past and his desire for revenge. But Lily has secrets of her own, including a connection to the guard Jake is after.

As Jake and Lily delve deeper into their feelings for each other, they uncover dark truths about the island and its history. Together, they must confront their demons and decide what path they want to take - one of revenge or redemption. Ultimately, they discover that sometimes forgiveness and love are more powerful than hate and anger.

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