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Western  Canada  2024

Casts: Garrett Black,Priscilla Faia,Jana Berengel,Emily Bett Rickards,Christian Sloan

As Calamity Jane seeks revenge for Wild Bill's death, she discovers that his murder was actually part of a larger plot orchestrated by a powerful gang led by outlaw John "Black Jack" Ketchum. Determined to bring justice to Deadwood and avenge Wild Bill, Calamity Jane must break out of prison, knowing that Sheriff Mason will stop at nothing to detain her.

With the help of her trusted friend, Wild Bill's former partner Charley Utter, Calamity Jane escapes prison and embarks on a relentless pursuit of Black Jack and his gang. Along the way, she encounters various challenges and unexpected allies, including a skilled Native American tracker named Red Feather.

Driven by her grief and thirst for justice, Calamity Jane infiltrates Black Jack's hideout, discovering that he plans to use his ill-gotten wealth to take control of Deadwood and expand his criminal empire. In a thrilling showdown, she faces off against Black Jack and his henchmen, showcasing her remarkable marksmanship and utilizing her resourcefulness to overcome overwhelming odds.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Mason's pursuit intensifies, leading to a tense cat-and-mouse game between him and Calamity Jane. Unbeknownst to Mason, however, is the fact that his own deputy, Samuel "Sam" Jones, sympathizes with Calamity Jane's cause and secretly assists her in her mission.

As the final confrontation approaches, Calamity Jane and her allies rally the townsfolk of Deadwood to rise up against Black Jack and his gang. In an epic battle, she and Mason put their differences aside to together face their common enemy. It is a battle that not only determines the fate of Deadwood but also tests the resolve and strength of Calamity Jane's spirit.

Ultimately, Calamity Jane's relentless pursuit of justice pays off, and Black Jack, along with his gang, is brought to justice. With her mission accomplished, Calamity Jane finally finds solace and closure for Wild Bill's death, as well as proving herself as a formidable force to be reckoned with in the Wild West.

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