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The Ghost Child's Return: A Haunting Tale

Horror,Fantasy  Canada,United States of America 

As Ashley's pregnancy progresses, she becomes increasingly obsessed with the idea of her ghost child and begins experiencing strange and terrifying occurrences. Siti, the Indonesian maid, tries to warn Ashley that the dark magic she has dabbled in may have dangerous consequences, but Ashley refuses to listen.

As the due date approaches, Ashley's behavior becomes more erratic and Bill becomes increasingly concerned for her well-being. Siti tries to protect the couple from the dark forces that have been unleashed, but it may already be too late.

On the night of Ashley's delivery, the true horror of what she has done is revealed as the ghost child makes its presence known. Bill and Siti must confront the evil that Ashley has unleashed in order to save themselves and their unborn child.

Blood Child is a chilling tale of motherhood, grief, and the darkness that lurks in the shadows. It is a story of love gone wrong and the terrifying lengths that people will go to in order to hold onto their loved ones, no matter the cost.


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