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Horror,Drama  United States of America  2024

Casts: Asta Paredes,Alex Hurt,Addison Timlin,Cody Kostro,Braxton Sohns

As Charley, a small-town artist, continues to unravel due to his tormented existence, his drinking intensifies, clouding his senses and fueling his suspicion that he may be transforming into a werewolf during blackout episodes. Consumed by these dark secrets, he withdraws from his loved ones, including his devoted wife, Sarah, and his close friend, Marcus.

Haunted by flashes of gruesome memories that align with his artwork, Charley becomes convinced that he's committing horrifying acts during his blackout periods. Desperate to uncover the truth and protect those around him, he embarks on a treacherous journey of self-discovery. Along the way, he delves into ancient folklore surrounding werewolves and seeks guidance from enigmatic sources.

As Charley explores the depths of his own psyche, he begins to piece together fragments of his memory, slowly unraveling the truth behind his mysterious transformation. Dark revelations unfold, leading him to confront the sinister forces at play within himself and the town he calls home.

Haunted by paranoia and an inward struggle against his own instincts, Charley's battle intensifies. The line between reality and his own nightmarish visions blurs, bringing him to the precipice of madness. With time running out, he must determine who he can trust and whether he can regain control over his own fate.

As the gripping climax approaches, Charley's fate intertwines with the fate of his loved ones, forcing him to confront the monster within before it consumes everything he holds dear. In a final, heart-wrenching confrontation, he must confront his own werewolf nature, facing his fears head-on and embracing his true identity to either find redemption or succumb to the darkness forever.

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