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Warrior Women: The Black Mambas of South Africa

Documentary  France,Germany 

The movie "Black Mambas" follows the journey of a group of brave South African women who form an all-female anti-poaching unit to protect their community and the wildlife from the threat of poachers. The film documents their rigorous training, their daily patrols in the bush, and the challenges they face as they confront the dangers of the illegal wildlife trade.

As the Black Mambas work tirelessly to track down poachers and protect endangered animals, they also face personal challenges and societal pressures. The women overcome traditional gender roles and stereotypes in their quest to make a difference in their community and the natural world. Their struggle for equality and empowerment is intertwined with their fight against poaching, making their story a powerful statement about the intersection of environmental activism and women's rights.

The documentary features interviews with the members of the Black Mambas, as well as local community members and wildlife experts, providing a comprehensive look at the complexities of their mission. Ultimately, the movie showcases the resilience, determination, and hope of these remarkable women as they strive to create a better future for themselves and their community.

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