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Sunrise of Change

Drama  France 

In the movie Beating Sun, Max, a talented architect, is selected to organize an architecture and landscape competition for the city of Marseille. The competition aims to transform a square in the city by creating an innovative and breathtaking garden. Max is confident in his project, believing it to be daring and pioneering.

As Max prepares for the competition, he faces various challenges and obstacles. He must gather a team of skilled architects and landscapers who share his vision and can execute his ambitious plans. Through meticulous planning and creative thinking, Max starts to bring his project to life, leaving an impact on both the physical surroundings and the lives of the inhabitants.

However, as the project progresses, Max's career begins to take a dangerous turn. Despite his confidence in the daring nature of his project, it receives mixed reviews and polarizes the opinion of the public and critics alike. Max finds himself facing criticism and backlash that he did not anticipate.

Meanwhile, the garden on the square starts emerging, bringing radical changes to the area and its inhabitants. The once lifeless and mundane square transforms into a vibrant and captivating haven, filled with mesmerizing landscapes and innovative architectural structures. The residents of Marseille, initially skeptical about the changes, gradually start to appreciate and embrace the newfound beauty and serenity of the square.

As the backlash against Max's project intensifies, he begins to question his choices and abilities. Will he be able to salvage his career and prove that his project was not a failure? Can he overcome the obstacles and regain his confidence? The movie explores Max's journey of self-discovery and resilience as he navigates the delicate balance between ambition and personal fulfillment.

Beating Sun portrays the transformative power of architecture and the profound impact it can have on both physical landscapes and individual lives. Through Max's turbulent journey, the film delves into themes of artistic expression, societal expectations, and the constant struggle to push boundaries and pioneer change.

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