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Sonic Revolution: From Pirate Radio to Skrillex's Stardom

Documentary  United States of America 

The movie Bass Impact follows the journey of a young man named Jamie, who starts out as a pirate radio DJ in 90's London, broadcasting underground electronic music and promoting illegal raves. As he navigates the dangers and thrills of the pirate radio airwaves and the underground rave scene, Jamie's passion for music leads him to the emerging sounds of dubstep in Croydon, where he encounters a group of talented producers and DJs who are revolutionizing electronic music.

As Jamie immerses himself in the world of dubstep, he witnesses the rise of a new genre and the birth of a royal family of artists who are at the forefront of the movement. Among them is a young producer named Skrillex, whose innovative sound and electric performances capture the attention of music fans worldwide.

The story also delves into the unexpected impact of the internet on the music industry, as Jamie and his peers harness the power of online platforms to share their music and connect with a global audience. As the internet becomes a game-changer for musicians and fans alike, Jamie and his friends navigate the challenges and opportunities of this new digital landscape.

The movie culminates with Skrillex's meteoric rise to fame, from winning Grammy awards to headlining major music festivals, and the birth of a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry centered around electronic music. Bass Impact captures the exhilarating journey of music, technology, and culture, and the individuals who shape and define its evolution.

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