Watch Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura Movie on iOS

Clash of Titans: Baki vs Kengan Ashura Warriors

Animation,Action  Japan 

In this epic crossover, Baki Hanma, the prodigious young fighter known for his superhuman strength and mastery of multiple martial arts styles, finds himself pitted against the top fighters from the Kengan Association, a powerful underground martial arts organization.

The story unfolds as the ruthless CEO of the Kengan Association, Hayami Katsumasa, challenges Baki and his allies to a series of brutal one-on-one battles to determine the ultimate champion. As Baki faces off against formidable opponents such as the stoic Gaolang Wongsawat, the skilled martial artist Cosmo Imai, and the monstrous Julius Reinhold, he must tap into his inner strength and fighting spirit like never before.

Meanwhile, the Kengan fighters must also confront their own personal demons and rivalries as they fight to prove their strength and honor in the ring. As the stakes escalate and the battles become more intense, alliances are forged, betrayals are revealed, and the true power of these warriors is put to the test.

As the dust settles in the final showdown, only one fighter will emerge victorious and claim the title of the ultimate martial arts champion. With jaw-dropping action sequences, intense fight choreography, and unforgettable characters, "Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura" is a must-watch for fans of both series and lovers of adrenaline-pumping martial arts battles.

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