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Locked in Darkness, Unleashed in Chaos

Crime,Drama,Comedy  Australia,Italy 

After Bubby's mother dies suddenly, he is left alone in the world and must navigate the unfamiliar outside world on his own. He encounters a variety of strange and often dangerous situations as he tries to make sense of the world around him.

As Bubby explores the outside world, he meets a range of eccentric characters, including a kindly elderly woman who takes him in and teaches him about the world outside his home. Bubby also becomes involved in a series of bizarre and sometimes violent encounters, including a brief stint in a punk band and a troubling relationship with a young woman.

Throughout his journey, Bubby struggles to come to terms with his traumatic past and reconcile his relationships with his estranged parents. As he learns more about the world and himself, Bubby begins to find a sense of identity and purpose outside of the confines of his mother's house.

The film explores themes of isolation, abuse, and the search for meaning in a chaotic world. Bad Boy Bubby is a darkly comedic and unsettling exploration of one man's journey to find himself amidst the chaos and confusion of the world around him.


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