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The Marmoset and the Frog: A Global Adventure

Adventure,Animation,Family,Comedy  France,Belgium 

As Passepartout and Phileas set off on their journey, they face numerous challenges and obstacles along the way. From narrowly escaping dangerous situations to outsmarting their competitors, the duo must rely on their wit, courage, and resourcefulness to stay on track and complete their mission.

Throughout their travels, Passepartout and Phileas visit various exotic locations, including Egypt, India, China, and the United States. They encounter a diverse cast of characters, from eccentric inventors to cunning thieves, adding excitement and humor to their adventure.

As they race against the clock to reach their final destination in London, Passepartout and Phileas forge a strong bond and learn valuable lessons about friendship, trust, and the true meaning of success. By the end of their journey, they realize that the true reward lies not in the prize money, but in the unforgettable experiences and memories they have shared along the way.

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