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Toilet Terror: Unleashing Hell Beyond Amityville

Comedy,Horror  United States of America 

As Gregg G. Allin arrives in Amityville, he starts his investigation by interviewing locals, including the surviving victims of the toilet murders. He discovers that the haunted house has a dark history beyond the infamous Amityville Horror, involving a cursed object known as "The Devil's Throne," which is believed to possess supernatural powers.

As Gregg delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the house, he learns about a series of occult rituals performed by a secret society known as the "Toilet Cult," who have been using the haunted house as a gateway to summon dark forces. The cultists believe that by sacrificing victims on the cursed toilet, they can gain control over these demonic entities.

Meanwhile, the killings continue, and the terrified townspeople demand swift action from Mayor Dump. Faced with the pressure, Gregg teams up with a local reporter named Lucy, who has been researching the sinister history of the house. Together, they uncover a journal left by a previous owner that reveals the true origin of the Devil's Throne and its connection to an ancient demon.

As the night of a rare celestial event approaches, known as the "Toilet Comet," the demonic presence in Amityville grows stronger, and the Toilet Cult intensifies their rituals. Gregg and Lucy must race against time to find a way to banish the evil spirits before the comet's arrival, as they fear that it may open a portal to unleash hell on Earth.

Gregg's determination leads him to a confrontation with the cult's leader, a malevolent sorcerer possessed by the demonic entity. In a climactic battle, Gregg taps into hidden powers he never knew he possessed, pushing himself to the brink of his own sanity and physical endurance. With the help of Lucy's knowledge of ancient rituals, they manage to close the portal just in time, saving Amityville from utter devastation.

In the aftermath, the haunted house is finally cleansed of its evil presence. Gregg continues his successful podcast, reflecting on the horrifying events he witnessed. Amityville begins its path of healing, with its residents forever grateful for Gregg's brave actions in rescuing their town and preventing a cataclysmic disaster that could have engulfed the world.

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