Where can I watch Amityville 3-D Movie

The Demon Within: A Haunting in Amityville

Horror,Thriller  United States of America 

Sure, here are some more plot details from the movie Amityville 3-D:

As John settles into the house, strange occurrences begin to happen. He starts experiencing terrifying nightmares and feeling as though he is being watched. His girlfriend, Susan, becomes increasingly anxious and paranoid, convinced that something evil is lurking in the house.

Meanwhile, John's colleague, Melanie, visits the house to discuss his novel and is immediately affected by its malevolent presence. She begins to act irrationally and becomes obsessed with the house, leading to a series of disturbing events.

As more people come into contact with the house, tragedy strikes. A close friend of John's is killed in a horrific accident, and Susan's behavior becomes more erratic and aggressive. John becomes increasingly desperate to uncover the truth behind the house's dark history and the sinister forces at play.

In a final confrontation with the evil entity inhabiting the house, John is forced to confront his own fears and doubts. Will he be able to protect himself and those he loves from the malevolent force within the Amityville house, or will he become its next victim?

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