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Mountain Secrets: Unveiling Edward's Monstrous Connection

Horror,Mystery  Portugal 

As Edward and Ryley arrive at the magnificent villa, they are greeted warmly by Edward's long-lost mother, Amelia. The family's lavish lifestyle and the picturesque surroundings initially seem like a dream come true for Edward, who has always yearned to know his origins.

However, their enchantment soon turns into confusion and unease as they begin to uncover eerie and mysterious occurrences within the villa. Strange noises in the middle of the night, inexplicable disappearances, and odd behaviors of the household staff puzzle Edward and Ryley.

As Edward digs deeper into his family's history, he discovers a dark family secret that has been hidden for generations. It is revealed that Amelia and her twin brother, Matthias, are not entirely human. They are descendants of a supernatural creature known as the "Portugal Beast," an ancient and powerful being who possesses extraordinary abilities, including immortality.

Amelia and Matthias have kept their true nature a secret from Edward, fearing rejection and the potential danger it might bring upon him. However, their secret cannot remain hidden forever, and they must confront the truth to protect Edward from those who seek to exploit their powers.

Edward finds himself torn between his newfound family and Ryley, who struggles to come to terms with the shocking revelation. As tensions rise and the danger escalates, the family must unite to fend off a group of ruthless individuals determined to capture and exploit the powers of the Portugal Beast.

With the help of a mysterious local historian, Edward and Ryley embark on a quest to understand their newfound heritage, leading them to ancient rituals, hidden caves, and encounters with mythical creatures. Along the way, they uncover the true extent of their powers and learn to embrace their unique identities.

In a climactic showdown, Edward and his family must confront their enemies and make a choice that will determine the fate of their lineage. With their lives hanging in the balance, they must decide whether to embrace their monstrous secret or find a way to live in harmony with their extraordinary abilities.

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