Am I OK? Movie Streaming Service

Unveiling Friendship's Deception: London Bound Discovery.

Drama,Comedy,Romance  United States of America 

Sure! In the movie Am I OK?, Lucy and Jane have been inseparable since childhood, sharing every detail of their lives with each other. However, when Jane shares the news of her impending move to London, Lucy is overcome with trepidation and anxiety. In a moment of vulnerability, Lucy reveals to Jane that she's been struggling with anxiety and depression for years, but has kept it hidden from everyone, including her best friend.

Feeling a mix of shock, guilt, and compassion, Jane does her best to support Lucy through her emotional turmoil. However, as Lucy's mental health continues to deteriorate, their friendship starts to strain under the weight of the secret and the pressure of Jane's impending move. Lucy begins to feel like a burden to Jane, and Jane starts to question how well she really knows her best friend.

As they navigate through this challenging time, both women are forced to confront the limits of their friendship and the boundaries of their own emotions. The movie delves into themes of mental health, friendship, and the complexities of human connection, ultimately culminating in a poignant and heartfelt exploration of the true meaning of being there for someone in need.

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