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Burning Quest: The Explosive Truth

Science Fiction,Action,Comedy  United States of America 

The conspiracy theorist, named Nicholas, becomes obsessed with finding out the truth behind the explosion of his trailer home. He believes that the government was behind it, and he becomes determined to uncover a vast conspiracy that could bring down the entire system.

As he delves deeper into his investigation, his pyromania disorder starts to resurface, and he becomes increasingly reckless and unpredictable in his pursuit of the truth. He starts setting small fires around town, claiming that they are part of his "research," but it becomes clear that he is spiraling out of control.

Meanwhile, those around Nicholas, including his concerned friends and a skeptical detective, try to help him see reason and get the help he needs. But Nicholas is too consumed by his own paranoia and obsession to listen to reason.

As the tensions escalate, and more fires break out, the truth behind the explosion of his trailer home begins to unravel, leading to a shocking revelation that could either vindicate Nicholas or destroy everything he has ever believed in.

In the end, Nicholas is forced to confront his own demons and come to terms with the reality of the situation, as the truth threatens to consume him and everyone around him. The film explores themes of mental illness, the dangers of unchecked paranoia, and the potentially devastating consequences of pursuing the truth at any cost.

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